Need to move?

Packing & moving go hand in hand, let us help get you started

Professional Packing Services

Superior Moving's packing services are simply amazing. Typically, a client that packs themselves start the process weeks in advance and spend the last few days living off of paper plates and unable to use their favorite coffee mug. Packing yourself is a major drain. You analyze each item as you try to place who gave it to you, the last time you used it, and then…squirrel! You inevitably get distracted and the process gets further dragged out.

But Superior has a solution. What if you left your house just as it sits right now only to have a pack team show up the day before the move when every single item gets packed, stacked, labeled and ready for transport? Your life just got better!

We even offer the luxury service of unpacking too. Carefully taking all items back out of their boxes in the requested room, allowing for easier set up and getting your life back in order, quickly. Did we mention we'll dispose of all those bulky boxes and mounds of packing paper too? Nice!


So, you've found a new place! You're excited to move! Then you realize just how much stuff you have to pack!

Packing is no small task. Not to worry. Even if a professional packing service is not right for you, Superior Moving can help find a plan that fits your needs:

Full Pack

Leave it to us to pack all of
your belongings. Advantage, no stress! Depending on the
size of your move, we can either pack the day before your
move or the day of your move. We provide the appropriate
number of men and all the materials

Partial Pack

Started packing and got overwhelmed? We can tie up the loose ends. Have a few items that need special attention? Superior will pack a selected amount of your belongings or you can arrange to have the fragile items professionally packed to insure protection in transit.

Self Pack

Trying to save on costs? Packing your own belongings can be
beneficial when trying to save money. You can have
materials delivered to your home and start packing at your
own speed. Check out our boxes and materials.

Helpful hints on packing

Many of Superior Moving’s clients choose to have us do the packing for them. If not, then we will let you take the reigns on this one. Here are some tips to help...


  • Plan on at least six weeks to pack and get ready for your move.
  • Before you start packing, determine the items you want to throw away, give away or sell. Some might even need to be stored.
  • Don’t just start packing — plan how you will pack. Pack items you seldom use first. Pack items of similar size and weight together. Don’t make any carton too heavy to easily lift.
  • Always use proper packing cartons and wrapping materials. Use professional packing tape, which is wide, strong, and clear or brown. Tape all cartons closed on the top and bottom — don’t just fold the end flaps closed. Use crumpled, unprinted newspaper to pack items in boxes.
  • Label the contents on the outside of all boxes. When packing fragile items, clearly mark “fragile” on the outside of the box, with arrows on the sides to indicate the correct upright position.
  • Indicate boxes holding essential items, such as cooking utensils, bedding, linens and toiletries that need to be opened first by writing “open first” on the box and making sure these are the last boxes to be loaded onto the moving van.
  • Make sure all items are taken to the proper place in your new home. Labeling by room makes move-in a breeze.



Did you know?

Superior also offers custom crating in many forms, from glass-top tables to large chandeliers. The customers’ goods are measured and then consolidated for shipment. Crates and/or skids are designed and built according to weight and size.
Whether you need crates built on-site or call in with dimensions to have the crate ready for loading; we can meet all your needs with our professional crating. Precious artwork or hand sculpted statues. Anything of high value or extremely fragile items should be considered for crating. If you are still unsure whether crating is necessary for your move, one of our experienced staff members can assist you.

Start with the right supplies

Your small household goods are protected the most when they are packed and prepared for your move with suitable packing materials.